Program Committee


  • acad. Grigor'ev A.I. (Academy of Sciences, RAS)

  • acad. Zelenyi L.M. (IKI)


  • Morukov BV. (IBMP)

  • At’kov O.Yu. (JSC "Russian Railways")

  • Frolov V.A. (RUPF)

  • Petrukovich A.A .(IKI)

  • Kuznetsov V.D. (IZMIRAN)

  • Rapoport S.I. (Sechenov MMA)

  • Obridko V.N. (IZMIRAN)

  • Zherebtsov G.A. (Sib.IZMIRAN)

  • Lapshin V.B. (IAG)

  • Makosko A.A. (IAPH)

  • Norma Bock Crosby (Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy)

  • Anna Belehaki (National Observatory of Athens, Greece, Editor in Chief for the Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate)