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Space Weather Effects on Humans:
in Space and on Earth

International Conference

Space Research Institute
Moscow, Russia
June 4-8, 2012

During the last thirty years there has been steady progress in our understanding of the influence that space weather has on the state of human health both in Space and at Earth. This development is mainly based on research conducted on humans onboard space stations and spacecrafts, as well as on ground based observations and experimental studies simulating conditions in space. This interdisciplinary field of research requires a wide exchange of expertise in various topics. Only with a global approach it will be possible to establish a mutual understanding, in regard to defining the current state of this research problem as well as identifying what should be pursued in future research activities.


  1. Space Weather and its role in defining the Local Environment. Physical factors and their effects (e.g. solar and geomagnetic activity, interplanetary disturbances, galactic cosmic rays).
  2. Space weather and Human health on Earth. Laboratory investigations and natural observations. Combined influence of space and terrestrial weather on biological objects and sick and healthy people. Health risks. Space weather biotropic effects and its role in human survival.
  3. Assessment and paths of risks reduction of diseases caused by the impact of weather and climatic and environmental factors in a changing climate.
  4. Space Weather and Human health in Space. Human habitation in stress situation associated with weightlessness, combined with additional risks (e.g. increased radiation, weakening of the influence of Earth’s magnetic field, long duration isolation in limited space on stations etc.) Ground based laboratory studies, in particular ROSCOSMOS – ESA project Mars-500.

Invited talks on key issues of the conference themes and poster sessions are scheduled. Conference languages – Russian and English. 

We invite those working in the workshop topics to attend the conference. Please distribute information about the conference among your colleagues. 

The registration fee for participation in the conference would amount to 500 rubles for Russian participants and $ 100 for foreign participants. . For graduate students and students the registration fee will be - 200 rubles or $30 (up to 33 years old)